NEWAIR S.A. It was born as an Aeronautical Workshop Level TAR 145, which is the highest technological level granted to an aeronautical workshop by the A.N.A.C. at the national level depending on the degree of technological complexity it is capable of handling.

Nowadays, operating from the International Airport of "El Plumerillo" in Mendoza, NEWAIR offers both from its workshops and at the client's site, not only Aeronautical services, but its high Technological Level allows it without inconveniences and with great competitiveness to provide highly complex services for the industry in general, supporting the execution of Plant Shutdowns, Investment Projects or Maintenance in general of Steam and Gas Turbines, Centrifugal Compressors, Alternative Compressors, Pumps, Motors, Hydraulic Systems, Valves Control, Substations, Electrical Systems in general, Instrumentation in plant and control loops, among others.

Newair S.A. has signed specific collaboration agreements with:

  • EXE Energía S.A., representative in Argentina of NORDEX AXIONA Windpower, ranked third globally, for the turnkey development of wind farms
  • Corporate Energies Gr. GmbH & Co. KG for the development of wind and solar farms.

It has two Service Divisions:

  • High Complexity Industrial Services Division (SIAC): provides Assistance Services for the Comprehensive Planning of Plant Shutdowns and Plan for Improvements in Safety, Quality of Work.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Division (MA): in charge of Major Aircraft Maintenance, Major Structural Repairs, Line Maintenance Service, Parking and Preservation in Platform, Hangarage, Advice for the Purchase or Rent of Aircraft (National and International), Registration of Aircraft and Legal Advice and Maintenance Technician.