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Próximamente Curso Nivel 3 de Mantenimiento de Aeronaves 737 Next Generation. Inicio 07/05/2018 inscripciones abiertas cupos limitados máximo 20 participantes.
Directivos e ingenieros de NewAir visitan y se capacitan en los Hangares de Norwegian de Oslo y Estocolmo. 01/03/2018
NewAir Servicios Industriales completes the WareHouse And Laydown Yard project for oil company Shell. 1/24/18
New Air starts project for certification of European aeronautical standards (EASA). 01/01/2018
NewAir initiates certification process for the maintenance of the Boeing 737MAX and Boeing 787 aircraft. 01/01/2018
We renew the civil (ANAC) and military certifications (DIGAMC) 12/20/2017
NewAir certifies for full painting of large aircraft. 12/20/2107
Proposal to reactivate the Conlara Merlo airport to the government of San Luis. 12/15/2017
NewAir initiates development of Check-C for AirBus A320 with the support of the parent company of AirBus. 12/10/2017
New Air is certified as a supplier of LATAM Group. 10/31/2017
NewAir Servicios Industriales renews certifications as an approved supplier of YPF oil company. 09/15/2017

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Our Specialization

Newair S.A. It is dedicated to carry out Maintenance of Large Public Aircraft both public and private, being the workshop or M.R.O. (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) in terms of technical and operational capacity, unique in the country and one of the few private workshops in South America enabled to perform major maintenance of large aircraft such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A-320, enabling the service to clients from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, (plus Peru and Ecuador by agreement CC).

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We carry out Major and Minor Maintenance of Large Aircraft, Aircraft Painting, Line Maintenance, Engineering, Structural Modifications, Integral Parts Management, among other services. It also performs Industrial Services for the oil and gas industry, thermoelectric plants, renewable energies, among others.

Aeronautical Services

Industrial Services

Why us

Having an MRO just one hour and a fraction from Buenos Aires and 30 minutes from Santiago, would offer customers an unbeatable alternative to lower the cost of ferries for major jobs or inspections, which would directly impact the maintenance of their fleet today. , ensuring, in addition, an orderly, predictable and reliable planning for all the services required by their aircraft. The quality of the aeronautical manpower of Argentina is recognized as of excellence worldwide.
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